Tuesday, 30 December 2014

While I'm away...

After such an eventful year, my blog and I are taking a two-week break. We will be back in 2015.

I completely understand if the conclusion of my globe-trotting adventures has left a gaping hole in your intellectual life, and if the additional torment of a two-week hiatus in this blog seems too great a pain to bear.

In compensation, I can offer two pieces of good news: (1) my break is already half over, so the worst is behind you, and (2) you may still thrill to the spectacle of scientific rivalry, accusations of backstabbing and professional misconduct, and academic childishness in the extreme, all over a topic of pure science fiction, by reading the comments section of this post on Peter Woit's blog.

I note in passing that Peter Woit is also on holiday, so the entertainment ends after a mere 60 comments, although at least there is a legal cliffhanger, of sorts. I should also confess that I am somewhat partial to that blog, for the sound scholarly reason that it was a single off-hand and non-committal mention there back in April that earned me the largest number of readers ever. For any "Not even wrong" readers who have stuck around here, my current advertisement is presumably entirely pointless. Life isn't fair.

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