Wednesday, 12 March 2014


A little interruption to my regular schedule, to rhapsodize over the wonders of the web, and YouTube in particular. In Monday's post I included a quotation from Feynman on the difficulty of explaining physics. I first read that quote in James Gleick's biography Genius back in 1994. It's an exceptional book, which I cannot recommend highly enough (except for all the science explanations, of course, which are always a drag).

The quote comes from a series of interviews recorded by Christopher Sykes for the BBC, for a documentary that eventually became "The pleasure of finding things out". I'm guessing that this particular section was not included in the documentary, because an endnote in my copy of Genius references it to an "untitled videotape" from those recordings. At the time I could not watch the original tape of Feynman, and I couldn't even watch the documentary, because it had not been released on video.

Now this "untitled videotape" can be found in an instant on YouTube, and you can delight in Feynman's gruff explanation, and conclude half way through that he really is being a bit of a jerk, and then be delighted all over again when he gets so excited as he approaches his conclusion that his eyebrows practically lift him out of his chair. I included a link on Monday, but here it is again. Enjoy!


  1. So after all those years of doing physics, this is the first time I have actually seen a video of Feynman. Thanks! Great blog too :)

    1. Thanks, Gautam. Isn't it great -- you can watch hours and hours of Feynman on YouTube!


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