Friday, 30 October 2020

The Gimlet

Let's face it, the plague is here for the winter. Your government has failed you, so you must rely on yourself. Or, more realistically: on alcohol. 

Fear not, friends! I bring you salvation and succour, in the form of a lime green waterslide of a drink, that will have you swishing and sloshing and whooping all the way through to Spring -- and beyond. Allow me to present The Gimlet. 

Monday, 25 May 2020

While the future hides behind a mask

Allow me to contemplate the past few weeks, as I sit out on the balcony on a pleasant Roman evening. Down below, people go past, every few minutes, in masks, jogging or walking a dog, or talking on a phone, or a family on bikes. Slightly less often, a screaming ambulance passes on the main road. They do that all day long. In the cool of the evening, less pollen floats past than in the afternoon. Less trash, too.

On May the 4th, Italy exploded out of lockdown. In Rome, crowds sang in the streets. Cars honked to the tune of "Volare". Yesterday it was cold winter. Today it is scorching summer.

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Liberation Day

I have successfully propelled myself into a compositional twilight zone, where I am convinced that no-one finds my missives interesting, because right now no-one finds anything interesting! It turns out to be a brilliant strategy. On the one hand, I struggle to find a reason to carry on, but on the other, so does everyone else. I've plugged myself directly into the zeitgeist!

So -- let us proceed.